Java Programming - Step by Step tutorial

The Code Crew
Published on Dec 20, 2016
Easy to follow step by step Java programming tutorial.
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In 4 hrs you will learn all the important concepts of Java, each explained using small simple programs. The teaching method used, will be the easiest way to learn Java, that you will ever find.

Reproducing the previously top rated comment and my reply to it. This shows the exact advantage of my video.
From weefunkster:
Incredible pace and excellent learning structure. I bit the bullet and payed for the full course and I have no regrets whatsoever. The price would be worth it for the editing alone, I can't tell you how bad it is for a learner to hear the instruction's then have to wait for the instructor to type the code before getting an explanation. I didn't realize it was so bad until I watched this and I wondered why my mind wondered all over the place and I didn't learn a thing. Truly Brilliant

My Reply:
Thank You! I am so so happy that at-last someone realized the effort that went into editing and the true advantage of the video. People write and ask how can someone learn Java in 4 hrs? This is not a 4 hr class, but a full 5 day(40 hrs) class. Edited so tight(No err, uhh, sometimes I edited out even the time between the words) that what resulted is a 4hr video. Even I was shocked at so few hours!


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